“Unsolicited advice is criticism.”

Just a thought- if you TRULY believe in a cause, and you whole heartedly feel that it needs to be brought attention to, WHY OH WHY do you approach it in such a way that makes anyone who crosses your path want to run a million miles away? Why do you feel that your opinion is so righteous that everyone should drop their own and conform to your beliefs? In being so close minded (and often times angry) at someone else’s views, you are doing nothing but pushing this issue that you feel so intensely about further away from resolution. The only way to possibly alter another person’s perception is by communicating- that means you get to talk BUT you actually have to listen too..

I think that the world is a whole lot more grey than it is black and white. Your right is someone else’s wrong. There are very real issues in our society and in the world that need to be addressed, but being angry and bitter does nothing to further your cause. Be educated and avoid extremes. Be approachable, be kind, be the change you wish to see!

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