“I want you to burn into your nervous system the following statement- because it is a fundamental truth of the human condition. It is literally the base line physics of what it means to be a person. As Earl Nightingale said- we become what we think about. And that’s an idea that I want you to hold firmly in your mind- that’s something that I really want you to internalize.. I really want you to stop right now- whatever you’re doing- I want you to stop. Lean in and listen to what I’m saying.. You WILL become what you think about. Really think about that for a second- as if it wasn’t just a phrase, as if it wasn’t more than just words, as if it were a truth about how the brain works…. because IT IS. You’re going to become the thing that you think about.. and I know that you’re dwelling on a lot of negative shit. I know that you’re carrying a lot of baggage with you. And I know that as you think about how things might go wrong- that you believe- you believe to the core of your being that you’re just planning for the hard times.. but the truth is- you’re going to become those things that you fear, you’re going to become the things that you dread- if you’re thinking about all those things you’ve done wrong in the past, you are going to simply continue that cycle! BUT if on the other hand, and let this be true- let this ring in your ears with the weight of everything that I carry, if I have EVER added an ounce of value to you, if anything I have ever said seemed remotely true, believe that these are the MOST important words that I am ever going to say to you… If you begin to focus on positive things, if you begin to focus on your capabilities, if you begin to focus on the potential that you have, if you really dig in- build those skills, drive towards something beautiful, something amazing, something that leaves you in awe that you want to create- that you want to become the vessel for that- then YOU WILL! You will become that thing because you will take those steps, because YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT! And as Mark Twain said, 20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do. So- if you don’t take those steps, if you don’t focus on those things, if you don’t manifest what you want to become, if you don’t believe in it, if you don’t see how real it could be, if you can’t picture the version of yourself that you want to become- and even though people have told you that it’s not possible for you- that the things you did in the past are never going to allow you to do that- that you’re not smart enough… if you let that creep into your mind then that’s what is going to happen. BUT if you can see that version, if you can allow yourself to believe it, then you’re going to take the steps that you need to execute against that. And if you go out there and do those things, you won’t regret it. But you will regret it if you don’t. So get out right now and build the person you want to be so you can build the life you want to have.” -Tom Bilyeu.

Have you ever stopped to really listen to your thoughts? I think that the shift into success and genuine happiness is becoming conscious of those thoughts and altering them. If you are anything like me, you’re both your best friend and your worst enemy. You’re your toughest critic. I think that for most of us, being this way is somewhat of a defense mechanism- if you say it first to yourself, then it won’t hurt as bad if anyone else says it. Or, you might not even know the negative thoughts that are pumping in and out of your subconscious.. yet they are effecting you in all areas of your life. The brain is inexplicably powerful. Once I became conscious of what I was filling my mind and heart with, I realized why I always felt down or anxiety ridden. The question to ask yourself is this:

What if you talked to others the way you talk to yourself? I know that seems cliche but it’s a genuine sentiment. Why are we kinder to others than we are to ourselves? By not allowing ourselves to be forgiven and inspired to be great, we are diminishing the resources within ourselves to be helpful to other people. Without taking care of yourself first, you cannot take care of anyone else- because you cannot share what you do not have. Thus is why it’s counter productive to be understanding and supportive to everyone besides yourself…

So how do we change this cycle of self hate? It is a CHOICE to think positive thoughts. It is a choice to forgive yourself and to believe in yourself. It is a choice to feel proud of yourself.. I think that realizing this is both life changing and comforting. Its eye opening to accept that the life you want to live is attainable! It doesn’t come naturally, it comes from consciousness. It’s not handed to anyone who didn’t work for it, it’s gained from effort and acknowledgement. It’s just like almost everything in life- it’s a product of intention and production. The acceptance of this fact is so gratifying! Nothing is out of reach.. you can become exactly what you aspire to be- it starts in you.

What you think you will become. So whether it be words of affirmation that you repeat to yourself every day, listening to positive podcasts, etc- the goal is to CHANGE your train of thoughts- to reassess what you are bringing into your life and what you are giving back to the world. If you can’t find anything within yourself to be proud of or to give yourself credit for, then take this as an opportunity to do something new. Setting a standard and reaching it builds confidence and contentment. If you’re finding yourself feeling low after working a job you don’t love or spending your time with people who don’t build you up, realize that you have the power and ability to make a choice to separate from those things. There is nothing tethering you to negative influences. You are in charge of your life and your circumstances!

The reason you are or are not living the life that you desire is because of YOU!

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