Social media is both a blessing and a curse.. it is such an awesome way to communicate and stay in touch with people who have moved or drifted away from your life. It’s incredible to be able to meet people with like interests in a way that never could have organically developed in the real world. There are pages created for the sole purpose of making you laugh or getting you motivated or to remind you of your beliefs. There are pages that are purely a creative outlet for photography or poetry.. I like those most. It’s crazy that we have a platform at the tips of our fingertips that allows us to convey what we feel is important and representative of our lives..


It’s also a place where someone’s likes (or lack there of) are used as a standard of measure.. where there are apps in which you can buy followers in order to appear more popular or apps that notify you when someone un-follows you because GOD FORBID you follow someone who doesn’t share the same sentiment! It’s a place where posting or not posting your significant other can cause a true problem in your relationship, where not posting someone’s picture for their birthday can equate to you not being as close with them as someone else is.

Why do we equate our self worth with whether or  not we are approved of by our peers?

I’ve struggled with social media so many times in my life- oversharing, undersharing, deleting it all together, coming back to it. It’s this cycle that I always seem to partake in. Is there such thing as being a ‘healthy’ social media user? To combat my obsessive  tendencies, I deleted my previous social media accounts where I had spent so much time and energy worrying about the way I appeared to others. I remade an account in which likes can’t consume me because I have such a small community to interact with. It doesn’t matter if I post the coolest picture anyone has ever seen or a picture of my damn shoelace because I’m still going to get like 3 likes because I have approximately 4 friends. It has made me better by taking off all the pressure of maintaining a page and making sure my content is approved of and enjoyed. It’s honestly the only (slightly) healthy way for me to navigate this community..

There are way too many things that I choose to fill my mind with that trump if Joe Bob from high school liked my latest selfie. I feel so passionately about growing and evolving and not being limited to this fictitious box in which I have to maintain a persona or please those around me. When you really think about how often we are on our phones consuming this mass amount of imagery, and all the influence that plagues us without us even consciously realizing, it’s a wonder that we haven’t realized how INSANE it is… to be living our lives through a screen.. to be entirely engulfed in the desire for acceptance… what is this doing to our brains? What more could we accomplish without this habit draining our thoughts and energy?

Do the positives outweigh the negatives?

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