“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less”.

I love living by the lake. Everyday I walk to work and it’s the best kind of morning meditation there is! When you look out and see this mass body of water, you realize how small you are in comparison. Then when I think this is just ONE body of water in ONE part of California in ONE part of the United States in ONE part of the world in ONE part of the universe, I realize that I’m just one of the millions and billions of creatures inhabiting in this world- my problems or worries are so minuscule, they’re almost pointless to think about. I bet if you thought really hard, you couldn’t tell me what you were worried about 5 years ago.. 10 years ago.. 15 years ago. Life has a way of working itself out. He who worries about something before it happens gets the pleasure of experiencing it twice. Let it go, get outside, get moving, place your energy on things that fill you up with contentment, security, and peace… fill yourself up with positivity so that you can be a source of that to other people!

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