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The Bliss of Working from the Beach

Guest Post by Mark Meyer, The Saltwater CEO 

I brushed the sand off my feet, closed my Macbook, and shuffled inside to my beach house to drop off my belongings. I returned outside and waded into the mild Caribbean waters for an evening swim.

Another comfortably long day of working from my computer just steps from the ocean was behind me. By day, I’m a freelance marketer; by night, I work on my digital marketing blog, The Saltwater CEO.

It’s truly bliss living and working in the place that makes you happiest. In my old life, I got really tired of disliking the environment I was in; now, I’m where I am truly happiest: The Ocean.

I’ve always had an indescribable love for the ocean and being near water in general. I started scuba diving when I was 11 years old; I was instantly hooked. I’ve spent every year since going to the seaside for swimming, spearfishing, and marveling at the mystic waters of the sea.

The crisp smell of the water, the gentle roll of the breeze, and the vast horizon of the endless sea lure me to the ocean year after year. I need it all the time, though. It’s a drug that I’m proud to be addicted to.

I grew up in a medium-sized Midwestern town. The closest waters were the man-made reservoirs; some say these “magical” lagoons caused miscarriages. (Kidding)

The state I grew up in fundamentally clashed with my political, geographic, and climate preferences. I need mountains, warmth, and a government I can agree with, staying in this cold, flat state would have driven me mad.

What’s the point in trudging along through life unhappy with the location you’re in? I made the change to live and work from the beach and haven’t looked back.

A Day In The Life

I want to share my experiences and show others like me that this is possible and I can show you how. My day began at a comfortable 10am with a whole list of things to accomplish for the day.

I began the day by doing some warm-up laps in my beautiful backyard, the Caribbean Sea.

I came back, dried off and began my work as a Digital Marketer. After finishing up a website I’ve been working on for a client, I spent the next hour in the hammock creating a social media posting schedule.

The next 2 hours were devoted to watching videos on data analysis and search engine optimization tools. It’s crucial to always be learning and adapting.

These days, the skill set you know and can provide to others will only increase your net worth.

Learning is one of the most important things in life. Investing in education is just as important as investing in a 401k.

After finishing up some tasks for my clients, I finished my “workday” by doing marketing work for my own projects. As I’m typing this, I can feel myself have the urge to make a couple of last-minute adjustments for some of my work, which will probably take me late into the night.

Work doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, that’s when the real fun begins.

Most days are fluid and flexible, some are rigid and structured. Every day is spent in a place that I truly love, doing work that I love to do.

Never give up on your dreams of where you want to live. Make the change and love where you are.

About the Author:

Mark Meyer is an entrepreneur, digital marketing specialist, and creator of The Salt Water CEO. He is passionate about helping others achieve their online business goals. When he’s not writing or helping people grow their businesses, he’s out scuba diving or fishing with IPA’s in the cooler. Follow him on Instagram….Saltwater_CEO.

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