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Hi friends!

My name is Shelby and I was born and raised in The Biggest Little City In The World: Reno, Nevada. I am currently living in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, California with my awesome boyfriend, Austin, and our three pets kids: Quentin, Bentley, and Zeppelin.

This year has been one of learning and growth for me- new experiences, new heartache, new blessings, which is why I made this blog- to both inspire others with what I’ve learned and continue to expand my understanding of the inner-workings of this world.

I love writing, crafting, exploring, cooking- most importantly, CREATING! This is a representation of all that it is that I have found that makes my heart so happy and full. I hope in one way or another you learn something from reading this, and I just as emphatically hope that you return the favor by opening my eyes to a new outlook or experience! 🙂

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